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Trade Invoice Features

The best and easiest way to quote, invoice and handle your TAX / VAT / GST Tax requirements.

  • Easy To Use - Plain English, no training required
  • Fully Online - No installation required, use from anywhere
  • Print & Postal Service - We can post it for you
  • Easy TAX / VAT / GST Reporting – Makes tax time a breeze
  • Business Summary – See your trading status at a glance
  • Safe & Reliable – Secure servers backed up daily

Trade Invoice has the following innovative features:

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Easy to Use

Trade Invoice has been designed so that it is simple and easy to use, even for people with only basic computer skills. The software is easy to follow and has little accounting jargon.

Instructions are in plain “English” and easy to understand.

There is no need to purchase, install or download any expensive software. Simply login to the system via any internet connection and you instantly have the ability to utilize Trade Invoices many features.

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Multiple Users

A great feature of Trade Invoice is the ability to have multiple “users” simultaneously accessing and using the system from any location in the world!

Gone are the days where companies with multiple offices have to manually send quotes or invoices to head office for keying into an isolated computer. With Trade Invoice you can get your remote staff to enter them directly into the system via the internet saving hours every week and avoiding keypunch errors.

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Business Summary Page

Our Business Summary home page is a big part of what makes Trade Invoice so easy to use. All your key functions and trading indicators are at your fingertips, and most importantly the Business Summary highlights overdue invoices and work in progress.

At a glance you can view:
  • Quotes sent/unsent
  • Work in progress
  • Invoices overdue by timeframes
  • Top customers owing the most money
  • Shortcuts to specific Quotes, Invoices or Customers
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Quote & Invoice Production

At the centre of Trade Invoice’s functionality is our innovative new way to prepare and send quotations and invoices to customers in a matter of seconds.

The easy to follow Quote & Invoice Entry pages allow you to:
  • Create, save or edit a quotation or invoice
  • Send via our postal service. We will print and post it for you (See Delivery)
  • Send via email (See Delivery)
  • Automatically stores customers for future quotes/invoices (See Customers)
  • Automatically calculate your TAX / VAT / GST liability (See TAX / VAT / GST Reporting)
  • Insert products details and pricing into the quotation/invoice (See Products)
  • Enter payments against invoices (automatically calculates TAX / VAT / GST liability)
  • Enter credits against invoices (automatically handles TAX / VAT / GST ramifications)
  • Create re-usable Templates that save time and avoid omissions
  • Use your own logo and select from various layouts (See Customization)
  • Automatically attach your Trading Terms & Conditions (See Customization)
  • Resend a quote or invoice in a matter of seconds
  • Enter your time and have the system calculate the hours (See Time Billing)
  • Prepare an itemized or description only quote/invoice
  • Delete a quote/invoice
Throw away the quote/invoice book. Your paperwork days are over.

How will your Quotes/Estimates and Invoices look? see our examples.

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Quote, Invoice & Statement Delivery

Trade Invoice offers multiple methods to deliver quotes, invoices and statements to your customers.

You can:
  • Use our automated Postal Service and get us to print & post it for you.
  • Email via Trade Invoice as an attachment in HTML, or PDF.
  • Print & send yourself the hard way.
Our Postal Service (Coming soon)

Our automated Postal Service allows you to print and post without doing a thing. Select this option and we'll do all the work for you via our reliable mailing house.

We’ll even provide you with one free Postal Credit so you can see how it works.

We act as your postman.

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All your customer details and history are now at your finger tips, including:
  • Phone numbers, addresses, email address, etc.
  • Customer balances outstanding
  • Quotes listing
  • Invoices listing
The Trade Invoice Customer Summary page allows you to easily:
  • Edit customer details
  • Enter customer diary notes and history.
  • Produce a Statement of Account (See Statements)
  • Set a date for follow-up
  • Chase up overdue invoices
These features will allow you to better monitor and communicate with your customers.

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Trade Invoice allows you to easily send Statements of Account to your customers that detail all their invoices with an outstanding balance.

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Trade Invoice allows you to setup your own product list with descriptions and pricing of your goods and services (eg materials, labour rates, freight costs, etc.). Product details can then be recalled and inserted into a Quote or Invoice.

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Time Billing

Need to render quotes and invoices on a time / labour basis? Trade Invoice allows you to input your billable hours by utilizing the “Time Entry” feature.

All you need to do is click on the dates and times you worked and the hours are automatically calculated and inserted into your invoice. You can even allow for lunch breaks.

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Trade Invoice has simple to use Expense handling features that allow you to:
  • Easily enter expense details
  • Report on expenses by category
  • List outstanding unpaid Expenses
  • Report on TAX / VAT / GST Paid and owed back to you
Use this feature and make tax time easy.

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TAX / VAT / GST Reporting

Trade Invoice will at the click of a button run a TAX / VAT / GST reconciliation report of all TAX / VAT / GST collected and paid for a selected tax period. It will even categorize the amounts and explain where to put them on your Business Activity Statement.

Gone are the days of stress and worry over your TAX / VAT / GST return!

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Security & Data Backup

Trade Invoice is committed to providing security for your data and confidential information.

Trade Invoice uses and implements industry standard security safeguards to protect all information stored and transferred to and from our servers.

Computer Hardware – Your data is held on our fully fault tolerant servers which are housed in a specially designed secure facility with backup power generators and multiple high volume internet connections.

Data Backups - Your information is held on our servers in a high security environment and backed up daily.

Data Encryption – Although transparent to you when using Trade Invoice, we utilize 128bit SSL Certificates to ensure your information cannot be intercepted and read by unauthorized parties.

Virus Protection – Our servers are protected from computer virus and hacker attack and maintained constantly to ensure the highest levels of protection.

You can rest easy with the knowledge that your information is safe with us.

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Help / Assistance

Trade Invoice provides comprehensive online and telephone help.

Important features of Trade Invoice Help are:
  • Free Online Help – Trade Invoice has comprehensive online help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which should answer and resolve most queries. Alternatively, you can submit a new question via the FAQ system for us to answer.
  • Free Email Support – Support can be obtained via email by using the Contact link at the top of each page while logged into the system.
  • Free Users Forum – Trade Invoice operates a users forum to exchange ideas and get answers from other Trade Invoice subscribers.
  • Telephone Support – Trade Invoice provides telephone assistance to PRO account subscribers only.
We welcome all constructive feedback and will endeavour to always reply to your queries.

We want to make Trade Invoice better for you and our development schedule is strongly influenced by your feedback.

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Trade Invoice has many options for you to self-customize the system.

You can:
  • Upload your own logo for use on quotes, invoices and statements
  • Upload your own trading terms & conditions for inclusion with each quote
  • Select starting customer, invoice and quote numbers
  • Select a quote or invoice layout that best suits you
  • Create your own re-usable quote and invoice templates
  • Select your invoice payment terms
  • Select payment options to appear on your invoices
    • bank account details
    • address to which payments are to be sent
  • Enter your own list of products and pricing
  • Select your quote expiry period
  • Select a default deposit percentage to appear on quotes
  • Select your own tax name & rate (for international users)
Beyond the above, we can also provide dedicated tailored systems for organisations with custom requirements.

Please contact our friendly sales staff to discuss your specific needs.
Contact Our Sales Team

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